Reasons Why Online Audiobooks Are Better Than Regular Books


In audiobook month, I thought it would be interesting to examine the extent to which audiobooks are superior to books. I love listening to audiobooks, especially at AllYouCanBooks. It’s part of my job too, but I can also be found happily browsing through bookstores or sitting with my mind on a novel. My experience leads me to explain why audiobooks are so much better than books. Here are the answers.


Audiobooks Offer More Extra Storytelling and Creativity

When you read a novel, you only have the author’s and publisher’s input behind your enjoyment. However, when you listen to an audiobook, you benefit from the creative storytelling skills of that author, editor, actor or performer, and producer who brings the entire world of that publication to life for you. This will enhance your experience, as the celebrity’s choices will lift the words off the page and support your creativity to make the world even better for you personally.

They Can Help Solve Some Arguments

Whenever my two sons get in the car for a long highway trip, they transform from relatively well-behaved human beings into belligerent dynamos. Suddenly, while I’m dealing with all the crazy stuff everyone else is doing, they decide to try to kill each other around the vehicle, arguing about everything from who gets the best seat to whose music is ideal.

Audiobooks have solved all of that. So we figured we’d pick novels that all three of them like (David Tenant’s version of the How to Train Your Dragon series is one of our favorites). Instantly, all discussion stops and we’re in a shared fantasy universe that leads to a magical experience, and I will possibly avoid losing my shit or crashing or even both.

They Offer Huge Flexibility

There are always times you can’t read a novel, but you can listen to it. My kids listen in the bathtub or when they’re getting ready for bed when all the lights are off. With Bluetooth boats and smart speakers connected to a perception account, the possibilities are endless. But, at the end of the day in London, sometimes I can’t concentrate enough to read a post.

In those moments, I like to put my head down and let a professional storyteller pull me off that train and into a new universe. It’s relaxing and engaging, it expands the mind but also calms it down. There are other times in my life when audiobooks have given me access to stories and books when I couldn’t see them. As you probably know, I spent much of my teenage years in the hospital. Audiobooks also kept me company when I was too sick to pay attention and read.

They Expand Your Horizons

This one is my favorite. I’ve used audiobooks to get to novels I don’t normally read, like Stephen King thrillers and classics like Middlemarch and Madame Bovary. I don’t find the time to pick them up in their paper form, but when I take the student for a walk, I immerse myself in their stories and enjoy every word.

She tackles novels that are remediation of her experience for the teacher. The days of flipping through seemingly turgid texts could be over with the help of an experienced actress and an activating fertilizer. I really don’t think I’m alone in this. There are many parents of teens, perhaps imaginative teens, for whom this insight could be very helpful.…

Best Emulators to Play Android Games on PC

Nox Player Game

Android software emulators for Windows allow you to test Android software on your computer. However, third-party programs offer the best simulation experience. Among many Android emulators, Nox Player is the best one for a smooth gaming experience. You can also play many famous games, including Drive Ahead. Learn more about it at Now, let’s take a look at the best emulators to play Android games on a PC.

Nox Player Game

Nox Player

Nox Player is an official Android emulator that provides a smooth gaming experience. It also offers an easy and simple user face. Aside from that, the installation is easy. After you install Nox Player, you should try to play Drive Ahead. It is the unique racing game ever. It offers a new fantasy racing game whose goal is not just winning the first place but also to defeat other enemies’ cars. 


Nox Player GameAs one of the first Android emulators for Windows PC, Bluestacks is now a household name for gamers and emulator lovers. You can run your favorite programs and games with this emulator, and with numerous player-centric attributes, it is the best choice among people who like to play their favorite Android games on PC. The most useful feature of Bluestacks is its style of the graphics engine. With a different graphics mode, the emulator ensures smoother performance for regular and more sophisticated Android games.

Most games will run in a functional mode without any problem. On the other hand, the emulator may ask you to switch to the compatibility mode to play certain games with an innovative image design. In this setting, you can switch to a dedicated GPU for a lag-free gaming experience. Please note that switching to a dedicated GPU may affect the overall functionality of your laptop.

The latest version of Bluestacks is packed with exceptional attributes for gamers, such as “Eco Mode”, which can reduce system resource consumption when running many invocations/role-playing games simultaneously emulator’s multiple instance attribute. An emulator can be a resource glutton if you run many instances of the same game from different accounts. Bluestacks also allows you to turn on listen mode, which offers greater accuracy and faster response time while enjoying aggressive shooter games.

LD Player

LD Player is very easy to use, lightweight and probably one of the fastest Android software emulators you’ll encounter. It launches fairly quickly, a bit faster than BlueStacks on my AMD-powered laptop. Most programs run without any problem. The emulator has its own program store called “LD Store”, but you could also opt for the Google Play Store to get and set up your favorite programs. LD All options are located on the ideal side of the emulator’s screen. The button layout is not difficult to set up. The emulator also offers a multi-instance synchronizer that makes reusing in Gacha games much faster and easier.


Tencent’s Gameloop focuses on gaming. When a program is launched, a new window driven by the AOW engine opens on the monitor. The window includes key mapping, multi-window and allows you to capture game streams via the built-in screen recorder. In addition, there is another streaming tab where players can watch live gameplay videos on NimoTv and NoNo Live. This emulator is optimized for games like CoD Mobile. Gameloop ran this game among the emulators without any issues, and the gameplay was much easier than expected.

Most of the games listed in the Gameloop software store, also known as “Game Center”, are highly optimized for easy play, plus the computer keyboard controls are already mapped to the monitor. You don’t need to do anything else unless you want to customize the keymap preset. Just tap the keyboard icon on the ideal side of this screen to activate the key mapping style and view/customize the on-screen keyboard configuration of your current game. Focus on genres other than aggressive shooter/battle royale games. You can FPS, etc. But